History of akboria group

akboria is one of the oldest corporate groups in the northern Bangladesh. During the 19th century, Hindu were the majority of the northern region of the country and had dominance over most of businesses, as a result the Muslim comunnity was treated unfairly. Since the cow is a secured animal to the Hindus, its consumption was prohibited in the whole northern region of the then Rajshahi Division. To tackle the injustice towards Muslims, “akboria Grand Hotel” started its journey and is claimed to be the first restaurant that started selling beef commercially in the northern region. After few years, they started to feed poor people for free everyday past mid-night and they claimed to be the only company to do so in the country continuously for over 100 years till today. akboria is claimed to feed over 300 destitute everyday. They cooked fresh local cuisine dishes rice, curry, local type of ragu etc specially for them. They also claimed to be the largest sellers of Laccha Semai a Bengali local version of fried vermicelli, in the district.

Since its establishment in 1912, the hotel authority everyday has been providing free dinner for at least 100 needy and homeless. Soon after 10:30 at night the needy and the hungry are seen to be lining up on both sides of the street in the front of the hotel. The hotel authority also funds more than 50 mosques, madrasahs and Islamic schools.

Atif Aslam, Yusuf Sadeque, Md Rashedur Rahman, Abdul Karim Mir, Sharup Saha and several other locals of Bogura have mentioned that akboria is a pride of not only Bogura but also of the whole country. The local people have informed that the original owner of akboria hotel was Alhaj Akbar Ali. During his lifetime from 1890-1975 he never hesitated to secrifices his wealth for the needy and the poor and for social and humaniterian services. Shajahan Ali, Siddikur Rhman, Jahangir Hossain Tota, Shahanur Islam Shaheen, Hasan Ali Alal and Hossain Ali Dulal and his other successors are also following the footsteps of Akbar Ali by continuing the noble deed of Akbar Ali Which is humanitarian and social service and working for mankind.